Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Show Your Punch Storage

Hello Cricutjunkies,
Christina at Creations with Christina is having a link party. Show your punch storage. What a great idea. I don't have alot of punches only because I have not figured out adequate storage. Most of my scrap room is from Ikea and I have considered the rail system but I don't have a free wall that I am willing to give up.

I use these baskets (dollar store) for smaller punches
and other tools because they are really sturdy with
large handles and very portable.

I have one drawer to store larger punches.
I guess when I get more I will have to purchase another drawer.
FYI the Martha Stewart punches I buy at
Ross from 3.99 - 5.99 GREAT DEAL
"Happy Crafting" Traci


  1. I HAD to follow a blog title Cricut Junkie! I think I need a twelve step program! :)

  2. great storage ideas! TFS!!!

  3. Great idea, mine are all just in a drawer, no rhyme or reason to it. I wanna find MS punches for less than $6 ..guess I need to check Ross out!! :D

  4. Hi Traci,
    Love the storage idea...Ross is awesome. TFS! ~Shen


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