Monday, July 11, 2011

Jacob's Weekend

Hi Cricutjunkies,
Jacob and I did very little crafting this weekend. It was such a nice weekend we decided to do a little gardening. Jacob is very handy with garden tools...I thought he was showing off for the girls but he really brought is "A" game. I decided to leave clip on Koala inside (just to be safe) because we have had several Coyote siteings. How could I tell Chole that Koala was eaten by a Coyote from the Suburbs of Chino Hills, CA.
"The Hot Scrap Assistant"
I offered him a shirt but he refused.  

Jacob is a great assistant, he dug all the holes and even
 gave me some much needed  gardening tips.
I was impressed with his gardening skills.

I tried to convince him to lose the flower Lei but he said NO....
It reminds him of Frankie.

Much Needed - JAVA BREAK 
Showing off his MUSCLES

Jacob lifted the bags of bark with one hand 
Done At Last
 Is he tanning or napping?

Stay tuned for our next adventure. Who knows we
may even get some crafting done along the way.

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  1. hahaha that is hilarious. Great job Jacob!!! Knew he'd refuse a shirt. lol.

  2. oh well done jacob...didnt think you were much of a gardener...but now that i know...i will have lots of lawn to be mowed by the time he gets to me!!!

  3. Oh boy! So he's a gardener too! Glad you're keeping him busy. Looks like he's enjoying the outdoors. Your flower bed looks beautiful! Great job, Jacob! xxD

  4. This literally made me laugh out loud! Thanks for that! :)

  5. Still makes me laugh. Love the Java break. Hope he wasn't awake all night after all that coffee! lol.

  6. Wow, you and jacob did a great job on your garden.

  7. Frankie says she is soooo happy he refused ur option to lose the lei and shirt! He sure is a multi-talented guy! He crafts, bakes, kills lizards, watches Teen Wolf, and now gardens! Can't wait to see what he does next! We sure miss him here in HI! :)

  8. Jacob is an interesting character...btw I have an award waiting for may stop by my site to claim it! I see you have updated your blog page, looking good!!!!!

  9. He is such a great helper. I hope he is not to heart broken ..(we will take care of that in Illinois). Your garden looks lovely.

  10. This is really funny!!! I have a blog award on my blog if you would like to pick it up. Don't feel obligated, I know these things take time to pass along but I thought you had a cute blog & deserved it!!

  11. Hehehe! Fantastic!! And thank you for being my newest follower! I'll have a longer browse in the morning!


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