Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jacob's Giveaway

I have had a very busy week. I have been working on my blog with Madeline at theshabbyvanity. Let me tell you, Madeline is awesome. I gave her my vision and she helped me bring Cricutjunkie to life. She is still working on my button it should be loaded real soon.  Hope you like.  Now on to the GIVEAWAY!!!! 

Jacobs Week
We finally got some crafting done this week. Jacob assisted me in making party favors for a Baby Shower.  

He was so excited to craft he put his shoes on wrong.
Jacob helping me decide what Cartridge to use for our project.
"look who's hanging around"

 Koala is HOME SICK
I have to find him some entertainment
"See giveaway details at the end of this post"

{I think he is hooked}
We unanimously decided on Life's a Party cart.  
Jacob's job was to remove the ducks from the mat and glue the layers.  
He was so efficient we finished in record time.
Could it be the JAVA
Jacob showing of the CROWN.

Jacobs Giveaway
PKS Wide Eyed Kids Faces

To win:
You Must Be A Follower of  Cricutjunkie
and you
Must Leave Your Contact Information 
otherwise Jacob has to choose another winner

To Enter: 
 Give Jacob and I some entertainment ideas for Koala.
(Must Be Creative)

Jacob & Koala will be leaving soon so the contest will end July 22
Jacob will pick the winner on

Good Luck and be creative.


  1. Super fab blog design...she does fantastic work..i just love the green original.. awesome.
    kimbob27 at hotmail dot com
    Man i'm lousy at coming up with things...all i can say is play some party music and soon enough all worries will go away...lame i know, sue me...ha ha

  2. Hi Traci, great new look my friend. Missed you! ~Shen

  3. I think Jacob needs to take Koala to the zoo to visit some other koala friends. After the zoo, Jacob and Koala can head out to the theatre and watch the new movie ZooKeeper.
    Smiles Sher

  4. Poor Koala Bear. I think she needs a mate! What if Chloe sends another bear along to the next stop so Koala isn't lonely anymore!? I'm a current follower; thanks for the chance to win some PK stamps.--Pat N.

  5. Poor Clip On Koala! Maybe he just needs some eucalyptus leaves sent over from Australia for him to nibble on...and maybe Jacob could make him a little tree to sleep in? I am sure there are some gorgeous trees to be cut from all the carts! :-)
    mscarlene at hotmail dot com

  6. Love the new look Traci! HOT... hahahaha Jacob shoes... he is only has a plastic brain after all. lol. Love the crown you made! You are so Hilarious. I bet koala loves the green room! Reminds him of his eucalyptus tree. xx

  7. Love the new blog, the cricut girl is geneous!! Not to say your old blog look wasn't great:) Looks like Jacob has been real helpful. As far as Koala goes I would get him a play mate so that he doesn't feel so left out or maybe he can help with the next craft, maybe use his paws with paint to make a background for a card or layout. Get his mind off of home.
    I am already a follower
    sierrababy08 at hotmail dot com

  8. hi
    jacob is looking hot as always...glad to see him in another craft room ( thats one more craft room closer to mine!)
    poor clippy the koala.....its lonely when your not the main centre of attention....maybe jacob should let clippy have some fun too....maybe jacob needs to cut out some koala friends & an odd kangaroo here or there would help make clippy feel at home....or even take clip on outside to see some real green....artificial light & being stuck in a mail box would not be much fun at all for a koala!!

    ♥ from michelle

  9. Okay jacob needs to play hide and seek with Koala in your craft room. Kolas can hide and that Jacob can seek him out...wherever Koala is hiding jacob must that use something from that area to help you create a project...crafty!!

  10. being from australia koala is probably missing his weekly dose of footy. perhaps have him play game of rugby league in the back yard or something with jacob...if jacob thinks he can handle playing against a koala that is!!!!

  11. Hi there, not sure if it's too late, but I also have a pet koala and know just what to do!! Tell Jacob that Bella is in the forest - the one that's full of eucalyptus trees, haha! They'll work together and off they'll go! Keep them both busy while you put your feet up and have a break... Have just orientated myself with your blog, already inspired!! Thank you.

    Come see my new blog at

    Email is bradshan2004 at hotmail dot com

    Thanks for the chance, and good luck for the koala-sitting!!

  12. great post, I really like it. Thanks for posting. :)


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